Monday, March 4, 2013

Grocery Shopping That Does Not Empty Your Wallet


The first or the last weekend of the month is when people often go for grocery shopping because they just receive their salary.

A few tips on doing grocery shopping that does not empty your wallet:

1. Do NOT go shopping just after you just receive your salary. When you feel that you have plenty of money in the bank, you tend to buy things that you want instead of what you need.

2. Take stock of what you already have at home so you know exactly what you have at home and create a grocery shopping list. Remember to bring the shopping list with you and buy only what’s on the list.

3. Limit the time you are inside the grocery store. Just shop for what’s in your shopping list and go straight to the cashier. Do not walk through all the aisles, do your walking exercise somewhere else.

4. Go shopping after you have eaten. Do not go shopping on empty stomach because you tend to buy more when you are feeling hungry. Those Doritos, chocolate cookies and cashew nuts are really inviting, aren’t they?

5. Cheaper products are often found above or below the eye-level shelves. Look up or look down to find similar products with cheaper prices.

6. Leave your children at home when you are doing grocery shopping because they often ask you to buy things not on your shopping list. You know sometimes you just can’t refuse them, especially when they see you with their cute, pleading eyes.

Is there anything else you may want to add to the list? Please share in the comments.

Learn and Grow,

Inge Santoso, B. Com, CFP®

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