Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gamify Chore with Treasure Hunt

treasure hunt

I have three helpers cleaning my house every single day. I understand that it is a chore to do this day in and day out, so today I want to spice things up a little bit. I created a treasure hunt!

I got 10 pieces of Rp 2,000 bills and I put each piece at hard to reach places or where they seldom clean. For example, behind the sofa and night stand, above the pantry cupboard and rain shower head, under the vase and cable box.

I told them to find all the 10 pieces of money and if they found all of them, I would give them additional Rp 10,000 as a bonus.

They were really excited to do the job today. They searched and cleaned every crook and cranny to find the money. It took them some time to find all the pieces but they were really enjoying their work. I could see them smiling and laughing whenever they found a piece! The three of them were working together, reminding each other to search places where the money could have been hidden.

Did they manage to find them all? Yes, they did! They got a total of Rp 30,000 today! They were really happy! Not only for the money but for the fun too!

I was also very happy because I got the house to be extra clean today. I also had some fun watching them doing the treasure hunt.

Let’s gamify chore!

What other ideas do you have to gamify chores? Please share in the comments.

Inge Santoso, B. Com, CFP®

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